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Call for Thriller archetypes

August 28, 2009

The next genre for phase I of the genre cookbook probably merits its own post rather than being tacked onto the end of the last one, so here we go:

We are looking for the key films which define the thriller genre. After I started out with a sub-genre so narrow that neither of my readers were able to offer any examples, I’ve broadened it out. Whether it’s a straight thriller such as the classic Three Days of the Condor (script here), or contemporary action-thriller cross-overs such as the Bourne films (but not the Bourne wannabe modern Bond action films), let me know.

As this is the discovery phase of the project, anything you think relevant, lob it in, and we’ll see what emerges.

Leave suggestions in the comments, drop me an email, or use the twitter hashtag #genrecookbook. Titles only or give your thoughts on what makes them must-see/so representative of the genre.

The first category, the Zombie sub-genre, is still open, so feel free to comment there, too.

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