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Mystery Man takes his secret to the grave

June 5, 2010

Mystery Man has been silent for a long time — and now we know why. The enigmatic champion of great film-making, scourge of screenwriting gurus has smoked his last Cuban.

Scott Myers broke the news on his blog after receiving an email from MM’s assistant Rebekah.

Although he adopted his anonymous persona so that he could express his forthright opinions without having to self-censor, in the end I think he kept it up just because he figured it was kinda cool.

And what opinions he had. His was one of the first screenwriting blogs I discovered, gosh, years ago now, and it quickly became my favourite. His deep love for and knowledge of cinema shone through, and in an industry where it seems anyone and everyone tries to make a buck out of recycled ideas and theories, he was notable for his originality and perceptiveness and his generosity.

Pontificating about the film industry may at heart be a fairly egotistical pursuit (if it makes sense to talk about the ego of someone who keeps their identity private), but Mystery Man was also very active reviewing amateur scripts on Triggerstreet, no mean feat.

The original location of his blog is still active, and his final post there was a round-up of his 101 best articles (okay, modesty may not have been his strongest suit). If you don’t know him, then do yourself and your writing a favour and read them.

Would-be screenwriters need a healthy dose of fantasy to sustain their aspirations given the miniscule odds of success, and while others may in an idle moment imagine themselves endearingly fluffing their acceptance speech at the Oscar podium, I always used to imagine myself sitting alongside Mystery Man with a fat cigar and a large brandy, basking in his quiet praise. Not that I smoke, and I’m allergic to brandy. But it would be good to talk.

Not gonna happen now.

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  1. June 6, 2010 12:18 pm

    Ooh, you’ve made me want to go and have a look now!

    • terraling permalink*
      June 6, 2010 12:51 pm

      So much good stuff, you might want to clear your schedule for a few days.

      Ooh, that’s okay, you don’t have a schedule!

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